About Airsentry

Airsentry® is a small managed enterprise based in the United Kingdom, near to the ancient town of Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

We have innovated a modular ultra clean air system for use in healthcare which has been developed over the last 20 years.

The initial concept started when Andrew Carnegie was part owner and MD of Trumpf Medical Systems, formally Kreuzer (UK) Ltd. He noted that the pendant arms being installed in UK health environments, despite regular cleaning regimes, were amassing dust on the hidden surfaces.

This commenced an enquiry into why, when these areas were often well regulated with regular air changes etc. He became convinced, based around scientific work conducted in the UK, that microparticles were being spread around health care areas regardless of the current regulations. He also realised that these particles were entering patients and affecting their health outcomes, with a potential mortality risk. His attempts to highlight this were initially ignored as it was felt that medication was sufficient to offset the risk. As antibiotic resistance grew, and the cost of anti fungal medication also soared, gradually there was increasing interest and today several UK sites use the system.

If you would like to email us please do so via important@airsentry.co.uk