About Airsentry

Airsentry® is based near Malmesbury, in Wiltshire.

In 2001 we realised that there was undocumented air contamination occurring to surfaces, through our owners previous innovation of ICU and OR service delivery pendants, as CEO of Trumpf Kreuzer UK.

It took from 2001 to 2003 to translate this into a workable concept and to 2007 before a clinically acceptable trial system was available.

This gradually evolved into a modular system, able to offer both fixed and mobile solutions for health care, using H.E.P.A derived Ultra Clean air.

Our system is also able to offer both positive and negative pressure.

Airsentry® is the only system on the market designed to achieve whole room air currents. It has been evolved to meet and comply with the stringent air requirements of British hospital OR and ICU areas.

The system is in use with the NHS and private health care and has been passing accreditation for those areas since 2010.

Mobile based fixed Ultra Clean system with Positive Pressure in small private OR area, London 2014

Working closely with Malmesbury based Megasteel subsidiary, Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd, we have the manufacturing capability of well over a 1000 units a week.

If you would like to email us please do so via important@airsentry.co.uk