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Workplaces have always been under threat of disease, but never more so than today. Employees have always had a fairly cavalier approach to passing on seasonal infections. The noble sort who comes in to try to struggle on with a cold or even flu, has been a factor within our work environment for decades. In the background, situations such as sick building syndrome, have been ticking away and of course there is the ever present problem with air pollution and the effect this can have on performance. Underlying this is performance in other areas, such as fertility, which can be just another stressor to employees, even though it is not acknowledged currently as being a work place issue.

Air Sentry® is able to significantly reduce the risk of disease transmission within the work place environment, particularly offices. By fitting our existing Ultra Clean™ air units, or using a mobile version, the risk of transmission through the general office air is reduced to near zero. This means that employees who are stood talking at a sensible distance are unlikely to transmit coronavirus to another employee via the air. Staff need to accept and follow guidance on social distancing and cleanliness. They also need to self declare, no more noble struggling on, any hint of illness must result in time away from the work environment, working remotely where possible.

Our existing systems, combined with thoughtful workplace risk strategies, can enable any office to operate at near its pre-lockdown capacity, with little risk

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