Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) Calculator

AGP Form

Aerosol generating procedure calculator
This form is designed to aid the user to calculate the following:
How many Air Sentry air handling units might be required
What the time between patients would be to achieve 5 air changes for AGP

Remember Air Sentry is both modular and bespoke
If you need a higher specification we can build it for you using our modules

if you would like us to send more information the first four fields must be filled in
If you would more detail please fill in this section
If you know the room dimensions enter them here
You need to calculate volume
if you do not know them all jump to section 2
Section 2
If you have a square area or
If you have a room volume
use this section

If you have a meter square area multiply it by the room height
This will give you room volume
If you are unsure then use the following approximations
Operating room type area - NHS - multiply square area by 3
Non NHS operating room UK and all other areas
multiply square area by 2.7
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